Joint Stock Company for the Sale and Production of Chemicals and Raw Materials for Rubber and Plastics Industry
We do our utmost to satisfy our clients` needs quickly and in good quality of
  • Plastics
  • Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Technical additives
  • Rubber industry additives
Using up-to-date computer aided extruders and the necessary auxiliary equipment we perform the following jobs: (capacity cca. 4000 tons per year)
  • Compounding
  • Grinding
  • Regranulating
We regularly offer materials as "special sale" from our inventory. We serve our customers with reasonable prices until the inventory lasts. Top quality, competitive prices.

Further to products on sale
About us
Our company plays a significant role in the Hungarian thermoplastic resin production and in the sale of industrial chemicals. Our headquarters and factory is located in Zsámbék and we operate another warehouse with wholesale service in Budapest. We distribute – among others – the products of Dunastyr, Borsodchem, TVK, Akzo Nobel. We are the appointed sales representatives of Gabriel-Chemie, Custom Resins and Nylene Canada.
Our strategy
QUALCHEM Zrt. pays special attention to its clients` wishes. Our market strategy is to improve continuously our products and services, to secure our competitive advantage. Our aim is to develop, produce and sell reliable products of high technical standards. To achieve this goal we work according to the quality management system of MSZ EN ISO 9001-2009. We expect from our suppliers to deliver the ordered products on time, in proper quality and with the adequate technical documentation: in this way we give our customers a high level service in our wholesale business.

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