Joint Stock Company for the Sale and Production of Chemicals and Raw Materials for Rubber and Plastics Industry
About us
Short corporate history of Qualchem Zrt.
1982   Establishing of the legal predecessor of Qualchem, namely the Qualiplastic Kft in Zsambek to compound thermoplastic resins. It was the first registered US-Hungarian joint venture company after the II. World War.
1983   During the first two years of its existence our company entered the market mostly with polyamide resins, and by gradual upgrading of the processing machinery we gradually began to compound other thermoplastic resins too ( e.g. masterbatches)
1986   We set up the wholesale business of finished products – engineering and commodity plastics and masterbatches. The turnover of the company reached the amount of 1 billion HUF.
1989   Start of the stocking distributorship of industrial chemicals.
1992   The company was transformed from a limited company to a joint stock company, capitalized in the amount of 400 millions HUF. In this year we started the wholesale business with rubber products, semi-finished plastics and additives.
1996   Start of the plastic waste recycling - regranulation.
2000   Introduction of the quality management system ISO 9002.
2006   We purchased the rights from the Zoltek Zrt enabling Qualchem to produce the polyamide products under the Danamid brand previously owned by Zoltek. Besides this well-known brand we also developed new engineering plastic compounds according to our clients` needs.
2007   The degredable polyolefine packaging material made by Qualbio masterbatch, developed and produced by Qualchem, won the "Ecologic product" award. The use of Qualbio has shown outstanding results in all fields of its application, especially where the ecologic features are vital - for instance in shopping bags, film products for agriculture and forestry.
2009   In 2009 we submitted our request for the re-accreditation of our quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008. We acquired the licence for waste processing , collecting and recyling upto the volume of 5.000 tons per year.
2010   Qualchem Zrt plays today a significant role in the production of raw materials for the plastic processing industry and in distribution of industrial chemicals. Besides the headquarters located in Zsámbék, we established an office in Budapest, and our warehouses are situated in Zsámbék, Törökszentmiklós and Budapest. We have 40 employees.

We have close working relationship with the leading companies, like Dunastyr, Borsodchem, TVK, Akzo Nobel and we are appointed sales representatives of Gabriel-Chemie, Custom Resins and Nylene Canada. We offer full range of thermoplastic resins with the matching masterbatches. We sell natural and synthetic rubbers, chemicals for the rubber industry, pigments, semi-finished plastics ( such as sheets, rods, pipes, etc. ), coatings, adhesives, epoxy, technical additives. Our compounding and recycling capacity reaches 4000 tons per year. Thanks to our experience and technical abilities we are able to meet the requirements of our clients flexibly and quickly, both in small or large order volumes.
Our business philosophy
The QUALCHEM Zrt. focuses on his client, while the base of our market strategy is to continuously develop the productive and commercial processes and to permanently secure our competitive power. Our aim is to project, produce and sell reliable products of high technical quality according to the requirements of our clients.

To achieve this goal we make use of the quality management system based on the process and complying with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 according to international standards. In order to fulfill its business goals and to meet the requirements of the quality management system, QUALCHEM Zrt. closely co-operates with its suppliers. By product enlistment our suppliers have to submit the relevant documents in the appropriate quality and term. In all fields of business activities we prefer to have reliable partnerships that bring mutual advantages.

Keeping the above principles, the board of the QUALCHEM Zrt. company sets forth specifically quantified goals and is continuously monitoring their fulfillment.

Each employee undertakes the obligation to meet our quality requirements. Our workers are responsible for fulfilling our goals and to precisely keep the quality managament regulations.
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