Joint Stock Company for the Sale and Production of Chemicals and Raw Materials for Rubber and Plastics Industry
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By our computer aided single and double screw extruders and auxiliary pretreatment equipment we are able to perform the following tasks: (capacity cca. 4000 tons per year)

Dosing of additives to PP, PE, PS and engineering polymers up to the level of 50%:
  • fillings and reinforcements (like glass fibres, talcum, chalk, wollastonit, barium sulphate)
  • additives (UV stabilizers, flame retardants)
  • colours (masterbatches).

    Processing of industrial and post consumer scraps, film agglomerates (with double filtering, two gasifying processes):
  • commodity plastics (PE,PP,PS)
  • engineering plastics (PC, PC/ABS, PA, ABS, POM, teflone, etc.)

  • blocks, casts, technological waste
  • we use selective processing in each case

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